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Car Parts
23 August 2012  -   Add to your site
Car Parts is tagged : Thinking Games

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Game Description
This is a web based totally free flash game which means that you do not need to create any subscriptions as opposed to other games, just press play and also you are on. Car parts is single player game for all ages, it really is exciting and enjoyable to rush against the quick resending time gauge. The game has six difficulty levels which unlocked by a pass within the preceding level. The first level has six parts to match and a time limit of twenty seconds, are you able to beat this limit? The main objective is usually to match all parts inside the time limit. Click on a black box and after that click on a different exactly where you think exactly the same part could be; if they do match then the two boxes will disappear. Continue matching until each of the boxes disappear then you will have won and ready for the next level. Essentially the most difficult job would be to guess what's beneath the black boxes. Use your psychic energy and memory; don't just make wild guesses to finish each level together with the least quantity of attempts. In the event the time elapses prior to you complete a level you may have one more likelihood to try. As you rise up the levels new parts will be introduced and the toughness as well will enhance to help keep you sweating! You've an alternative to pause time working with the T tab in the bottom to 1st study the game and compete against number of attempts. For those who full a level attempt again with an objective of finishing with all the least quantity of attempts. I dare you to complete all of the levels inside the least quantity of attempts and for those who do then you might want to get started telling peoples future! You are able to mute or unmute the sound utilizing the speaker icon in the bottom.
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Overall EBOG team rating: 49%
Gameplay 53% - Lifespan 32%
Graphics 55% - Sound 20%
Ease of play 71% - Fun 50%

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Players on same computer: 1
Leaderboard? No - Online play? No
Game is 100 free

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